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  CCAOI Invites you to a round table conference on “IANA Transition & ICANN Accountability Process and India's Position” on 30th May, 2015, at Silver Oak 1 Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi | A study on the Indian Perspective on IANA Stewardship Transition.









News Letter



CCAOI's various initiatives on both Rural & Pan India perspective

The body has launched various initiatives with the objective of building the ecosystem and help take internet to people in the lowest wrung of the pyramid, touching their lives, which would help intensely for our vision of Bharat-Nirmana.

Community Services of CCAOI 

CCAOI platform is also facilitating services for the community like Free Legal Support , supporting CDAC in providing Free vernacular software in 22 Indian languages , thereby promoting internet in the language of choice of the common man. We have also released the Best Practice guide for Cybercafe's/CSC's in various Indian languages.

For the development of the community, the body has been regularly submitting white papers “On Internet and broadband penetration to TRAI, DOT, Railtel, USOF, on Green telecom to TRAI, white paper on cybercafe's to the Government, and has been successful to convince RBI to appoint CSC's and Cybercafe's as BC. TRAI too in their recommendation paper on National Broadband Plan has recommended digital literacy and promoting internet through cybercafe's and CSC's

In fact ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has recognized the important role played by Cybercafe's/Public Internet Access, and is deliberating on CCAOI's application to create a new constituency for Public Internet Access Providers/Cybercafe's worldwide (

CCAOI e-Learning Services

CCAOI, a comprehensive e-Learning Solution Provider, brings world-class technology, tools and content services to its customers. We are currently executing and delivering eLearning for Indian consumers through CCAOI affiliated Public Internet Access Points (Cybercafes/ CSC's). Currently, a tie-up with Not-for-profit body is underway to ensure one lakh Indians as Netizens vide our Internet Learning Programme supported by Digital Literacy Course and Office-Basics.

The association is promoting Free Internet Learning program for all in Vernacular language.

in the latest National Broadband recommendation paper has also recognized our digital learning program and has suggested that “the Government should involve associations and NGOs at the grass root level in the awareness building campaigns and all these initiatives should be funded by the Government. Programs similar to the CCAOI Project Gyan, a 10 day Internet learning Program which is offered for Free from Cybercafe's/CSC's and taught in the preferred language of the citizen, could be promoted by the Government.

We also have alliances with online-tuition companies to conduct tuitions for Mathematics and Science for CBSE as also the State Boards. Similarly, there is an alliance in process with Libra, who has developed a world class spoken English product with voice recognition technology (s)
learning through 10 regional language. The product runs through internet connection and is expected to revolutionize the Spoken English learning in India. We also plan to introduce DOEACC and IGNOU courses shortly.

CCAOI Safe a Secure Internet Access

We have also launched along with Connect9 and Airlink a Free Surveillance System for Cafes. apart from being compliant to the recommendations provided by the government, towards Cyber Security & Surveillance by providing a Unique Identification (UI) to all cyber cafe customers & secured authentication and all this FREE with negligible monthly Maintenance Charges. Using this UI, any person will be able to use cyber cafes all over the country, without having to prove his/her identity, every time. This shall help cybercafe owners to adhere to the government norms for tracking the details of every user, in an efficient & cost effective manner.

To promote Safe and Secure Internet Access CCAOI with the support of Certin has also launched a forth nightly Security newsletter.

Adding a Revenue Source to the Public Internet Access Points

As a body, we believe that till the time all the stakeholders of the ecosystem do not work hand in hand, the internet penetration is the country will not improve. The association is working to not only to improve the revenue opportunities of the Public Internet Access providers in the country, thereby providing the required service to end consumers, but through these initiatives provide opportunities to the content provider. All these initiatives are offered Free of Cost to the members. Some of the initiatives are: Opportunity to become domain name resellers, Website builder etc.

Mobile Payment System

CCAOI along with ZipCash has also a new payment option of SMS based payment service called the CCAOI Zipacsh card. This takes care of the challenge of low credit card penetration, challenge of carrying cash at all times, hesitation of people to transact online due to online phising and other safety challenges etc. Interested members are also extended opportunity to become Mobile Payment Retailers.

CCAOI Online Value Added Services-Empowering consumers online

In addition to connecting consumers to Internet, CCAOI is working with Connect9, an eCommerce platform to provide its members with tools and channels to improve the quality of their lives and also provide all eServices to the citizen of the country. This spans from Government services, the basic services as Bill Settlement including Mobile recharge, Electricity payment, School Fees to booking Railway & Air tickets, Hotels and holidays, Online Portfolio Management, Personal Finance, Education Courses, Job related Trainings, Games, Gifts and Entertainment and much more.